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Social Program 2023

Thinking of Jules Verne’s stories and the excitement they brought to the readers, we want this year to bring joy to the children in the foster care centers within the Sibiu County.

Thus, during the Air Sensation Hot Air Balloon Festival (August 18-20, 2023), these children will benefit from the experience of flying with an anchored balloon for free.

To introduce them to the magic of balloons, they will also have access to the information programs specially intended for children within the festival:

  • Introduction to the world of hot air balloon flight (aircraft presentation, principles of flight)
  • The program “Be careful with fire!”, information program for the prevention and extinguishing of fires
  • Access within the ASF Kids Zone

Love Light Romania

Love Light Romania Association wants to see a Romania where children and adults who have been abandoned by their families and society receive the support, tools and empowerment needed to live a meaningful life.

We have 3 main ways of doing this mission: we help children at risk of dropping out of school, we provide support to people living with HIV and we provide life skills and housing (sanctuary) to young people released from institutions at the age of 18, often with disabilities.

The Sanctuary

The sanctuary provides a home and family environment where institutionalized adults with disabilities can come and live. Sanctuary residents will be taught the necessary life and social skills that will help them either move on and live independently or live a happy and prosperous life at Sanctuary.

The Children of Jacodu Project

Our goal for this project is to break the cycles of poverty these children have lived in for so many years. We see the way to do this is by helping children get an education.

Support for people living with HIV/AIDS

We want to see a Romania where people living with HIV/AIDS have access to testing, treatment and equality, and we want to see an end to the spread of HIV in Romania.

The ways we do this are through free transport to hospitals for testing and treatment, information leaflets on the importance of HIV treatment and counseling for people living with HIV.

You can find more information on our website and Facebook page: