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Air Sensation 2023


Air Sensation Festival is a hot air balloon festival that attracts enthusiasts of this fascinating sport from all over the world. The 2023 edition will be organized in the beautiful Ocna Sibiului-ZIOS resort, offering a picturesque landscape and ideal conditions for hot air balloon rides.

One of the key moments of the festival is the concept of Sky Party. This is a unique experience where participants have the opportunity to rise to heights of 1000 meters, enjoying an incredible panorama and magical landscapes above the region. It is an extraordinary opportunity to admire the beauty of nature and surroundings from a unique perspective.

During the Sky Party, a DJ will be present in a special balloon equipped with speakers and sound equipment. It will mix live music, creating a lively atmosphere for attendees. The sounds will be spread in the air, adding a vibrant touch to the whole experience.

In addition to Sky Party, Air Sensation offers a wide range of activities. Participants can explore the area and admire the hot air balloons during the flights, both during the day and at night, when they transform into a fascinating light show. There is also the possibility of balloon rides under the supervision of experts and qualified pilots to experience the unique sensations and emotions of hot air balloon flight.


Venture into the heights

Enjoy an extraordinary adventure where the earth is left behind and the sky becomes your territory to explore. We invite you to the most spectacular event of the year – Air Sensation Hot Air Balloon Festival! Here, the magic of hot air balloons meets the joy of the freedom of flight.

during the festival


of unique experiences


The Sky Party concept of the Air Sensation Festival is truly unique and offers an extraordinary experience to the participants. While you rise to heights of approximately 1000 meters in the balloons participating in the festival, you will experience a spectacular combination of flight, music and magical landscapes of the Sibiu area.

Unique concept

A unique concept that offers a truly special and memorable experience.

Flight + music

A spectacular combination of flight, music and magical landscapes from the Sibiu area.

Only at the festival

Sky Party is only available once a year during the Air Sensation festival.

One of the balloons specially prepared for this event will be equipped with a high-quality sound system and host a talented and professional DJ. As the balloon soars and traverses the sky, the DJ will select and mix live music, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

Imagine rising into the air, together with other colorful balloons, and enjoying the incredible panoramas of the Sibiu region unfolding around you. As you let the wind carry you, the DJ’s carefully selected music will waft through the air, adding a special and captivating touch to the whole experience. Musical vibrations will complement the magical landscape, encouraging you to enjoy the moment and get caught up in the rhythm.

The Sky Party represents a perfect symbiosis between the unique sensations of flying with a hot air balloon, live music and the fascinating landscapes of the Sibiu area. It is an opportunity to live an unforgettable experience, where the excitement and joy of flight intertwine with the energy of music and the beauty of nature.

This combination of flight, music and scenery gives participants a sense of freedom and connection with their surroundings. Every moment spent during the Sky Party becomes a precious memory, as it offers a unique perspective on the world and a sublime fusion of musical art and natural beauty.

The concept of Sky Party within the Air Sensation Festival is quite remarkable and unusual. Hot air ballooning, live music and magical scenery combine to create an immersive and memorable experience for all festival goers.

Air Sensation Festival is the perfect meeting place for soulful people, both for hot air balloon enthusiasts and those who want to experience something truly special. You can socialize with other brave adventurers and share your experiences, get inspired by their captivating stories.

Allow yourself to rise above the usual boundaries and discover your wings at Air Sensation. Book your place in our story and let yourself be carried away by the wind to an absolutely charming experience!

For more details, reservations and other information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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