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The World`s First Sky Party 

It is said that the sky is the limit.

Now you have the possibility to break this limit and fly with us through the blue sky.​

As humans, we are inevitably dreamers.

We dream of winning, we dream of success, we dream of freedom.

Transilvania Ballon Fiesta Sibiu invites you to be one of the first 100 participants to the FIRST SKY PARTY concept and make history together by getting our own record.


The party will be held at an altitude of about 1000 meters.

Participants will fly in hot air balloons and will be able to dance, to a DJ mixing live in a balloon equipped with a flying platform. (As seen in the TBF presentation)
From the specially designed flying platform, which supports the sound system, the DJ desk, the DJ and 6 other passengers, live music is played to the other balloons in flight, so that all other passengers will participate to the Sky Party.
All participating balloons will be equipped with live-stream connected speakers.

There have been lots of parties at great heights in skyscrapers all around the world, or with DJs mixing from hot air balloons, but according to our research there hasn’t been one party yet while flying in hot air balloon formation, nor with a DJ mixing from a flying platform.

This way we will be able to listen to the music set by your favorite DJ artists, without being limited by windows or other obstacles, feeling the power of freedom and the air as we float in the sky.


The NFTs issued will be the tickets to this magical world, but also your opportunity to be one of the first 100 participants in such a project.

There will be 6 privileged people who will have access to the flying platform with their favorite DJ, living a unique experience.

All the others will participate to the party, flying in aprox. 35 balloons near the DJ platform.

​What is included in our limited pack of NFT:

A unique Experience and proof you have been to the World`s First Sky Party
SKY PARTY duration - approx. 1:00 / 1:30 h -depending on weather conditions
Height: at around 1000 m altitude or more.
Champagne on board for all participants.
The coronation as count or countess, according to the tradition of balloon flights.
VIP Access to All Ground Events
Pool Party Free Access

Many thanks to our first Friends

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